Website Design Firms in Oakland: the Most Successful Representatives

West Coast port city, rich in oak, also has already distinguished himself in popular for California IT field. Several decades ago exactly this city was the main provider of oak and redwood timber to build San Francisco, and today the professionals in web development from San Francisco help to develop this perspective branch. Recently a lot of dot-com companies have appeared in Oakland, springing up like mushrooms after the rain. In any case, only five agencies can be named as quite noticeable.

Mazzarello Media & Arts

Once upon a time in 2009, a couple of spouses have detected, that their main “trump card” is problem-solving instincts. Therefore the husband and his wife have opened one of the most recognized web development companies in Oakland, who nowadays are holders of plenty awards, like the Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award in the Graphic Design category. This “crazy couple” usually demonstrates a huge creativity, and as they admit, they find the inspiration in their inimitable clients. Working with the development identity of your firm, website, and print design, “Mazzarello Media & Arts” will provide you an excellent product which will help to get the results from your business immediately.


It does not matter, whether you would like to explicate your huge business, small firm or just a hobby, this company works on the highest level with all the clients, who appreciate creativity, unconventional approachе in solving problems and is not afraid to accept the crazy solutions. All progressive customers are welcome, especially if you are searching for flexible web design agency, working in professional commerce, online shopping systems, flash multimedia, search engine promotion, software development or graphics design.

20/20 Visual

“Good design goes to heaven, bad design goes everywhere!”, says the motto of this popular Oakland company. By the way, their portfolio speaks to the clients louder than only the words. “20/20 Visual” holds the complex of special tools and leverage, which can implement all the ideas in real life, and it does not matter, how crazy they are. The creative team prefers to work in the shortest terms because they follow the truth “Strike while the iron is hot”.

Studio 678

There are so many web development firms, devoting their time and creativity only for companies-giants, who have already conquered the recognition of society, but not many agencies are ready to collaborate with small firms or even non-profits. The website development company “Studio 678” has a great yearning to open new names and help young start-ups show themselves to the world. Be sure, your project will get a huge support after collaboration with the members of the creative band of “Studio 678”.


The company of web development knows how important nowadays is to keep up with the times. The team works with D.I.Y. website classes, translation management, maintenance & triage, custom WordPress plugin development, graphic design and also responsive web design. If “MIGHTYminnow” will work on your website, be ready to get an easy-to-maintain and stylish product, which will be used by your clients with pleasure.