Web Design Companies of Los Angeles

Undoubtedly, City of Angels, or, rather the cultural heart of the USA mostly is associated with the bohemian life of the stars on the hills. Nevertheless, all-night hangouts of actors, singers and models are not the only way of the seething in LA. While celebrities squander millions of dollars in the clubs, a couple of the most lucrative American web design companies earn a king’s ransom in commodious Los Angeles` offices. Californian developers are keen on the latest web design trends, they offer exceptionally high-quality products and original implementation of client’s requests. Hereby we provide you our own top-five LA web design companies selected during the meticulous ranking process.

Blue Fountain Media

One of the most recognized and honored web design companies, completely devoting itself to the clients, has received the highest awards: “AVA Awards”, “Interactive Media Awards”, “The Telly Awards” and many other digital and media “Oscars”. “Blue Fountain Media” has got such a great respect from the clients because of the full collaboration with them and focusing on their goals, and as a consequence – generation of the most preferable solutions.

Watson Design Group

Are you searching for innovation, interactive development, creative solutions? Would you like to stand in one row with such modern giants, as “SONY Pictures”, “Dream Works Pictures”, “ABC Channel”? Watson Design Group is exactly the company you were looking for. A coordinated team of professionals will manage with content development, digital marketing strategy, viral campaigns, interactive advertising and the list of their unique skills can be extended.


This company also considered to be a supporter of the popular tendency of close cooperation between clients and employees of the company. They have proved themselves as the best advisors and aides for climbing you on the highest top. The products you wish to improve can be transformed to the most competitive. Coplex is also highly professional in managing the issues, connected with online marketing, maintenance and product design. We will open a secret, but this company is so bold and overconfident, that they even force you…to study! As the main goal of the working team is your success, they even allow themselves to send you to the library!

Cofa Media

There are no many competitors for this company in the field of web design. Being one of the most popular LA companies, “Cofa Media” is the team, which leads you to the biggest success. They are unstoppable behind the obstacles and prefer to fence you from any difficulties. Therefore you just have to provide them the most important indexes and expectation – and the rest will be done completely by the company.

Isadora Design

This digital agency prefers to create web products with the transparent communication during the working process. There are no any boundaries or impossible tasks for “Isadora Design”. Moreover, they have never-to-be-forgotten style: bright, catchy and very fashionable. Seems like this brand is not a typical web design company, but the real “digital Hollywood”. By the way, we can assure you that the team knows what to do, because their indexes extremely increase every month.