Web Design Companies of California

California currently is the most populated state in the USA,therefore it is not so astonishing that this “republic” often occupies the highest positions in various fields and shows the best indexes in the sphere of agriculture, show-business and, of course, IT. California, or, rather, “the Golden State”, as it often called, is the source of talents, and geniuses throughout the world come to this place for being involved in the most creative and progressive atmosphere on the planet. Frankly speaking, the founders of the state could predict the future for sure, because the etymology of “California” (from Latin phrase – “calidafornax” ) means “hot oven”. There is no doubt, it is really the hot oven for everyone, who wants to “strike oil”, succeed, to climb on the top because the competition is extremely great. In any case, we will show you ten the most famous web design firms of California, which fairly have got their “place under the sun”.

Vento Solutions

This web development agency is truly recognized in America as one of the most creative and successful in the sphere of e-commerce solutions, online marketing, and search engine optimization. The company is opened to candidates from all over the world, therefore its employee’s map is particularly checkered. Its talented staff knows only the one rule: you have three seconds to impress the customer or client and to get his attention, so “milk it for all it’s worth” and just do the best product!

Isadora Design

Another “awarded leader” in California’s web design field is “Isadora Design”, which has a legible goal and grows steadily every year. This young company assures the clients in the particularly exclusive design, high level of quality and tight collaboration with customers. The team ready to work without cutting corners, and there are no obstacles in the world, which they couldn’t overcome.

Net Pilot Web

One of the oldest website firms in California is “Net Pilot Web”, which was found approximately twenty years ago. As the pioneers in the ambit of IT, they feel themselves really like in their element. This company always seeks to do much more than it is expected. “Net Pilot Web” has conquered total respect, therefore the representatives of the agency usually take part in public seminars, national forums in Web-related businesses, and even are active participants of Washington State’s Digital Government Academy.

Front End Tech

The face of web-business in San Jose, “Front End Tech” company, put forward in the Bay Area services like real rebels: prefer to do everything glaringly and quickly. During the work they follow four priority principles: methodical by nature, reliable, lightning fast and crafted with love. In their client list you can meet even HenryFord Company. Web development agency prefers to manage all the problems without bothering the clients, all you need to do – is just to rely on their experience.


“The size means nothing”, in the case of this company this proverb has particular power. “Corvus Art” became so famous and popular among the wide range of Californian agencies because of its exceptionalism. They stay in the list of the most successful web companies side by side with experienced giants, being really small, but extremely talented team of inspired employees. The firm offers plenty of services, from social networking to CMS solutions. They have made their indexes of popularity thanks to the great amount of contracts with small businesses and companies.


Los Angeles, the heart of California, the biggest and the most competitive city, have its own list of leaders in web design business. The top of its list is occupied with “Ciplex”, which has already become the brand. Loud name demands high indexes, and “Ciplex” deals with it pretty well. Driven and qualified employees of the company have only the one goal: to realize all the expectations of customers and present only the best result. “Coders. Designers. People” – this is a motto of “Ciplex”, and due to there views of their clients, they implement it perfectly well. This company seeks only for the “rare diamonds”, therefore all the employees look like the best representatives in their field of work.

Capitol Tech Solutions

Sacramento gave the world another web-design leader – “Capitol Tech Solutions”. This company seems like the usual Website firm, but alongside with typical options, it presents a couple of unusual services. First of all, it has one of the best American IT consulting services, where professional are ready to support you in the most difficult questions. The second option made “Capitol Tech Solutions” really extremely popular in their professional circle, it is Power School SIS. The company has climbed on the highest peak in 2016, winning a great number of the most prestigious awards.


Interactive digital marketing group has the only one rule: no rules! Creativity and singularity – it is all you need for the best results. The company mostly works with graphic design, e-commerce, and SEO/SEM, but their methods of work can impress even the most experienced employee of website firm. Their products are very dynamic, and it seems like they know a couple of special hooks, which help to catch the attention of an audience. The design made by “FAN & FUEL”is famous for its functionality and particularity. It will force you to think about its conception for sure.

Blue Fountain Media

Even though this firm was found in New York, today it is hard to say what is its “motherland”and where are its roofs. “Blue Fountain Media” became one of the most popular web companies in the USA, and also it has a very big affiliate in California. They have a very spacious list of contented clients but are opened to work with perspective start-ups.


“Quality” first, but “Productivity” is must – that is the main motto of this web agency. Their business conception includes such important positions, as organic growth of tight relationships between customers and employees, high level of security and finding creative ways of solutions. They are highly keen on mobile application development, SEO, custom software development and web development.